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Voice User Interface

A Voice User Interface (VUI) is a system operated purely via voice. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, a VUI captures human speech with a recognition accuracy of 95%.

VUIs such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home are equipped with applications like Alexa Skills or Google Actions – similar to apps on a smartphone. With the appropriate capabilities, VUIs can be used to control our technical environment, retrieve specific information, or access particular services.

We have a team with skill sets in VUI design, copywriting, skills development, and marketing to put voice at the core of your digital experiences. Combined with the four building blocks of our lab - a proven Speakeasy framework, Voice Factory automation, home user testing, and an inspiration hub for envisioning a skill - we enable our clients to accelerate time to market for robust, connected solutions.

We develop for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana

Our agency specializes in the development of applications for voice user interfaces. Our development spectrum comprises numerous platforms. Whether Alexa Skill Development, Google Actions Development or Microsoft Cortana Development – we implement your voice application for your desired platforms.

  • 01. Alexa skill

    for Amazon Echo and Echo Show

  • 02. Google assistant

    for Google Home and Google Assistant

  • 03. Microsoft Cortana

    for Cortana Virtual Assistant


Our services for your voice application

PORTFOLIO (Alexa Skills)

Image Description
Track Drills

Running Warmup Stretches

This skills tells you about stretches to help your body transition from walking to running mode.

Image Description
Crypto Trading

Crypto Trading

Learn about crypto trading and cryptocurreny, bitcoins, etc

Image Description
Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter

Set your goal, and track the foods you love and count calories to lose weight

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