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CyberNet Consulting Inc.
Windows Mobile Development

CyberNet has extensive expertise to develop Windows Mobile applications by leveraging the strong capabilities of the platform. We deliver enterprise level mobility solutions with architecture and design that follow industry standards using platforms such as Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Pocket PC Phone Edition.

Some of the application developed by CyberNet include:

  • Mobile CRM applications
  • Field service applications
  • Time and Expense applications
  • Order Entry
  • Social Networking
  • Local Search applications


Some key advantages of using the Windows Mobile as the development platform include:

* Familiarity and Ease of use
* Partnered together with .Net framework gives better productivity
* Flexibility in development platform
* Competitive edge
* Improved security
* The Microsoft edge

For your Windows Mobile application development needs, please contact us at:
Email: info@cybernetconsulting.com

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